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13:09 Making it on “Maker’s Row”
Maker’s Row, an online directory of factories serviced to young emerging designers and big companies alike who are looking to create production in America, was launched in October by founders Matthew Burnett and Tanya Menendez.

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We are looking for a highly motivated, responsible and detail-oriented candidate to assist in the PR department for the Spring semester to begin on January 7th, 2013. Duties include but not limited to: manage sample traffic, assemble press kits, organize and archive press clippings, maintain the showroom, assist during sales, press and stylist appointments, assist during fashion week, some administrative duties and occasional errands.

Strong verbal and written communication, organizational and computer skills are required. Photoshop skills are requested. Previous PR internship experience is preferred, but not required. We are looking for a self-motivated candidate that can take initiative.

We ask for 3-5 days a week for a 3-6 month commitment. Internship is unpaid. We offer lunch and metro card during the days at the office and an invaluable experience at a quickly growing high-end fashion company. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

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Imagine an incubator, or a community space, where independent designers could potentially manage and streamline all their production needs in a single headquarters, at affordable options. It sounds too good to be true, right? However, maybe ‘too good to be true’ is exactly what the fashion industry, especially in New York, needs right now.

The idea for Manufacture NY was conceptualized by Director Bob Bland, when she wanted to build on a microcosm-version of the aforementioned mega incubator. “The good news right now is that we have a fully functional sample room at Brooklyn Fashion Week. What we are doing now is taking that model which we have worked on and expanding it further,” explained Bob.
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What makes the Chicago Fashion Incubator special?

“Incubators are such an interesting concept,” stated Lara. “So many people want to start incubators including San Francisco, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Hawaii, etc…”

**The New York incubator program filled with already-established designers.

“One thing is to help brand new emerging designers, because if they have a little bit of money and an idea, there’s a lot to learn,” explained Lara. She added on that it was more about getting the funding to make it bigger- not fighting to figure out funding.

As the Incubator launched in 2008, 3 years after the launch of Fashion Focus, Macy’s jumped in and wanted to start hosting. There were 6 designers and residents, 52 workshops working on the business of fashion. “The challenge was the marketing. No one really wanted wholesale,” stated Lara. “So many people are from Chicago or the Midwest and often go to New York and relocate, but now they are trying to figure out how to make what’s happening here great.”



Paid production internship at Source NYC


Retail internship at Assembly New York


Paid internship at Theyskens Theory!

16:13"Designers who own their own companies have to work through difficult times. It’s a shame because students and designers nowadays want the success now and we also want the success now, but it will take time." — Susan Di Meo, Synderela

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